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The elbow allows you to shorten or lengthen your arm by bending, enabling you to reach for objects, reach your hair or reach your mouth.

The elbow is an integral part of being able to turn your hand palm up and down. At CQ Hand + Upper Limb, we will work with you to ensure you are given the best range of motion in your elbow to allow you to live freely.


The elbow is prone to stiffness, pain, instability and pressure on the nerves that pass it. Symptoms from elbow conditions may be felt in your hand or shoulder. Conditions we treat include:


  • Elbow replacement for arthritis 

  • Nerve releases 

  • Tennis elbow 

  • Golfers elbow 

  • Elbow contracture release 

  • Elbow arthroscopy and loose body removal 

  • Treatment of osteochondral lesions or osteochondritis dissecans


The elbow is a joint that stiffens very quickly when injured, and any stiffness or instability is incredibly debilitating. At CQ Hand + Upper Limb, we aim to treat injuries in such a way that allows immediate physiotherapy thereby minimising any stiffness. Some examples of conditions treated include: 

  • Elbow fracture-fixation or replacement 

  • Ligament repair 

  • Stabilisation or complex fracture-dislocations 

  • Radial head fractures 

  • Nerve repairs 

  • Distal biceps repair


Speak to our specialist surgeon today about your elbow injury. Give us a call or send us an email to make an appointment. 

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